Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Good Will shopping

Ha! Here I thought my sister would take all the clothes I no longer fit since losing weight. Of the five dresses and eight pairs of pants I brought her, she only took three items! The rest were too BIG for her. She's doing great!

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we went shopping at Good Will. I know... not too glamorous. But we had a great time trying on clothes and judging each other's choices. I bought a royal blue blouse with an interesting neckline of loose knots (still trying to draw attention away from the hips!), along with a black skirt and a pink and black three-quarter-sleeve sweater. The sweater is form-fitting with a line of color at the waist. Great to be in the market for something like that! And, I must admit to buying flannel jammie pants and a hoodie. My sister bought, among other things, a suede teal dress with diagonal seams across the front. Very flattering for her new size!

She beat me... she spent $36 and I spent $32. And our money went to a good cause. Can't beat that!


  1. That is so great about the clothes not fitting her. :)

    I'm listening to the book "The End of Overeating.." on audio CD right now. Just finished the first few chapters. I'm interested to see where he's going with his thoughts on fat, sugar and salt.

  2. I LOVE thrift store shopping. Especially when I was losing, it was so fun! But even now, I can get almost all the clothes I need at the right thrift stores!

  3. Love thirft stores! My mom & I have found some fabulous deals over the years.

    Nothing wrong with flannel jammies! I love mine! :)

    Have a great weekend,

  4. Without consignment shops and thrift stores, I wouldn't have any pants to wear! Because the clothes are a few seasons behind current fashions, I can get something other than low-rise pants there! I know... Mom Jeans... if you've seen the SNL skit.