Monday, July 13, 2009

Summertime and the swimmin' is easy

In July and August, I freeze my gym membership and swim laps in our local swimming hole, The Quarry. It's a spring-fed quarry (you guessed it!) on beautiful camp-like grounds. We began going there when Evan was just a few years old and could play in the shallow pool.

The first couple of days there always make me feel like a beginning swimmer. It's entirely different to swim in a lake than in a pool. You can't put your feet down (60 feet of murky water below me!) and you're not pushing off the sides of a pool, fooling yourself into thinking what a great swimmer you are.

It's tiring! Fifteen minutes at the quarry is probably like a half hour in a pool. But it's beautiful and if I get there first thing, no one's arrived yet and it's peaceful. One time, it started to rain when I was in the middle of the quarry. Level with the water, I was surrounded by the pings of millions of raindrops all around me. I didn't want to leave when the lifeguard blew his whistle!

The best part of the quarry is that it's just 5 minutes from my house, instead of 15 minutes to the gym. So easy to get 30 minutes of laps in. I've lost a lot of my fear of gaining back my weight because of the quarry. If I gain a pound or two over the winter, I know I'll work it off in the summer because I swim almost every day. The only downside is having to wash my hair every day. It would be so much easier to be a runner! But boring, no?!

P.S. That's not me jumping off the high dive!


  1. Sounds like a fun and great workout in one. Love it. I wish I could go swimming outside... it's so hot in out here in AZ that the pool is like a spa. It's miserable.
    Enjoy your swims!

  2. I just joined the gym for the first time and am swimming for the first time in 20 years! So exciting. But I was SO SLOW when I first started. It is a relief to read that you had the same experience, and it is good to hear that it helped in your weight loss!

  3. Thanks for stopping by and encouraging me! I've bookmarked both She-Fit and debbyweighsin. Debby, keep swimming those laps! Don't worry about speed... actually, my sister, who was a lifeguard, says you can lose more weight with an inefficient stroke b/c you're expending more energy. Think about that when you get discouraged!